Rapid Application Development

Full-stack Javascript platforms have made it possible to quickly build scalable, high performing and extremely efficient web applications with less resources and lowest cost of deployment infrastructure. Such platforms offer diligent cutting-edge approach to web development thus ushering in a new era of developing potent, rapid and scalable web applications.

Raykor has mastered MEAN, a full-stack JavaScript development platform and the Raykor team is always on the cutting edge of new frameworks that offer offer modular and advanced applications.

Process Digitalization

We offer specialized services to rapidly build process based applications for Small and Medium enterprises. We have proprietary components built on MEAN Stack that help us build robust custom applications in a shortest time. These proprietary components are the underlying foundation on which we rapidly build custom applications. We have built and thoroughly tested components for user management, document management and process engine modules, which are the key building blocks of most of software applications.

Some of our modules have already been made open source to benefit the community. Our application platform can host multiple applications on single accessible platform thereby reducing user training, administration and data duplication. We are experienced in adding new features and enhancements to running applications without causing any down time.

New Product Development

New product development (NPD) is the need of the hour for most of the industries. The industry has adopted the Stage and Gate based model for NPD. However this model is quite complex internally.

We have built a platform for New Product Development based on the Stage and Gate model with discrete approval processes within an individual process with the ability to churn data either captured as a form data or uploaded data. The platform is ready for the manufacturing industry, which can be easily tuned to suit your requirements or rebuild with prebuilt building blocks. The platform is extensible to add more than one application which helps to keep users and data within a single platform.

Our Expertise

  • Full-stack JavaScript Development
  • Application Migration – Java, PHP and .Net applications to MEAN Stack / full-stack JavaScript platform
  • Mobile Solutions – Back end solution for mobile solutions including (Android and iOS) app development
  • IoT Solutions – Big data handling, devise programming and backend components
  • Angular 1.0 and 2.0 Development
  • Node.JS Development
  • ECM Integration (SharePoint, Documentum etc.)

Contributions to Community

  • Mongo-DCMS-Core: Document Versioning Module
  • User-Group-Permission: User management (Abstract) module
  • Mongo-User-Group-Permission: User management using MongoDB
  • Mongoose-Aggregate-Paginate: Pagination for MongoDB aggregate Framework
  • Orionto-Winston: Logger framework for OrionDB