A trusted and reliable Software Development Partner for small and midsize Technology and Consulting Companies.

Raykor’s continuous learning and innovation culture have helped customers gain competitive advantage by leveraging emerging trends in technologies.

With Raykor as Offshore Software Services Partner, customers have delivered breakthrough solutions to Fortune 500 companies.


Raykor’s Outsourced Product Development service has helped customers build innovative, feature-rich and user-friendly products.


Raykor's Cloud-Native Application Modernization and Migration services have enabled customers to deliver flexibility, efficiency and business value to their customers.


Raykor’s Agile and DevOps practices have helped customers increase speed, efficiency and quality of software delivery.

Outsourced Product Development

Raykor’s extensive product development experience has helped our customers build innovative, feature-rich and user-friendly products.Our culture of innovation allows us to engage right from the ideation/design phase and our strong technical skills enable rapid prototyping.

We can also engage equally effectively for feature enhancement and maintenance of mature products.More…

Offshore Software Services

With Raykor as their partnear, technology & consulting companies have delivered breakthrough solutions to their customers which includes Fortune 500 companies.Our strong technical skills compliment customers’ business skills across verticals allowing them to focus on growing their businesses.

Our strong commitment to working as partners and as one cohesive team has helped us build long-lasting relationships with our customers.More…

Technical Expertise

Our experience in cloud, enterprise web and mobile application development has given us deep expertise in mature (such as Java and .net) as well as cutting-edge technologies such as Node.js.

With the culture of continuous learning, Raykor has been an early adapter of latest methodologies and practices such as Agile and DevOps which help deliver higher quality software, faster.More…

IP-Based Solutions

Innovation is the centerpiece of Raykor’s culture. Our R&D team has built many innovative solutions to address specific technology/business problems. These innovations have added to our wealth of libraries and frameworks, while enriching our engineering competencies.

We actively leverage this knowledgebase when building solutions for our clients. As a result, our customers get the twin benefits of built-in high quality and shorter development times. More…

Our Partnership Philosophy

For more than a decade, small and midsize technology and consulting companies have relied on Raykor as their trusted software development partner.

To us, a partnership means focusing on a long term relationship, working as one cohesive team, aligning with common goals, honoring commitments, and adapting to changing business environments.

Our relationship with our customers is built consciously with multilevel contact across teams. Such a strong partnership can easily overcome challenges posed by changes in business landscapes and by bleeding-edge technologies.


  • Raykor has been our trusted offshore development partner for over eight years. We have used them for all of our blended project needs to augment our on-shore project teams, as well as for internal tools development needs. They are a highly committed and responsive team.

    Partner Arborsys, USA
  • We are privileged to work with Raykor Technologies Pvt Ltd for many years across a variety of projects, including InDesign and InCopy plug-ins, Quark XTensions and web application development. Their attention to detail, strong communication and technical expertise has made them a partner of distinction. We look forward to working with Raykor for many years to come.

    VP (Technical Services) Managing Editor, USA
  • Working with Raykor Technologies has been an absolute pleasure from day 1. Right away I knew something was different – this was a PARTNERSHIP, not just a one way street. Service, Support, and Communication like this is rarely, if ever, found in outsourced software development. I look forward to growing our relationship well into the future – sky is the limit with Raykor’s people and products!

    President, USA
  • Frankly: Raykor exceeded my expectations. They consistently deliver builds ahead of their projections, the quality of their work has been excellent, and the cost was exactly as quoted. They have demonstrated technical proficiency and have been very easy to work with. I was kept informed every step of the way and knew exactly where we stood during development. I’m glad I found Raykor, and heartily recommend them. I look forward to working with them again.

    Manager Homes and Land, USA
  • Raykor Technologies have consistently provided us with quality programming. Their positive “can do” attitude makes doing business an added pleasure.

    President MasterWriter, USA
  • Raykor's number of developers and range of skills means that we can come to Raykor for practically any software development task or project.

    Development Manager Tansa Systems, Norway