Our Story

Crafted with Integrity and Authenticity

About Raykor

For more than a decade, small and midsize technology and consulting companies across the globe have relied on Raykor as their trusted software development partner.

Through a variety of rich and challenging experiences working with global customers, Raykor has developed a culture of continuous learning and innovation. Adopting and building frameworks, tools, techniques and practices that improve the speed of delivery and quality of deliverables has become second nature.

Raykor follows a rigorous recruitment process which selects only competent software engineers. From our experience, we have come to value talent and potential more than number of years of experience. We groom this talent through our continuous learning programs for building successful execution capability.

Raykor believes in building strong and long-lasting partnerships. To us, a partnership means focusing on long-term relationship, working as one cohesive team, aligning with common goals, honoring commitments, and adapting to changing business environments.

What started as a one-man company in the US with the initial focus on publishing industry, has now transformed into a team of inspired professionals with strong roots in a culture of learning and innovation.