Adobe Indesign Server

Publishing and Document Automation

Raykor is Adobe Solutions Partners since its inception. Adobe InDesign is industry standard content authoring tools. Our top notch skills of Adobe InDesign & InDesign Server plugin and script development helps us build innovative publishing automation solutions. Our uncompromising programming skills help us extend Word using Add-In and and extend InDesign using Plugin technology. We offer InDesign plugin and script development for DAM/CMS integration, Database Publishing and Variable Data Publishing services.

Document Automation

We specialize in InDesign document automation solutions for various publishing needs such as journals, directories, catalogs, user manuals etc. We build solutions that ingest contents from various data stores such as XML, Database etc. into design rich (InDesign) templates. We built many rule engineers to flow contents in fixed layout as well as free layout using optimized content fitting rules, intelligent text align and auto grow algorithms, space management functions etc.

We have build solutions that automated document generation applications without any human interference. Our in depth understanding of IDML structure, Plugin/Script SDK, various publishing and copy/type fitting requirements of the industry and command over InDesign Server integration help us build innovative and intelligent solutions in shortest possible time. Our team has experience building end to end IDML based Web2Print and online proofing solution.

DAM & CMS Integration

We are one of the early developers of integrating InDesign with Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems. We build solutions that enable user browse assets in DAM systems from within InDesign and drag drop assets in document without leaving InDesign. These solutions often need an ability to swap low resolution rendition with high resolution on the fly or on demand for printing, packaging etc. The used assets are tracked and reported back to the DAM including packaging InDesign document and storing into DAM/CSM systems.

Our pre built libraries help us build DAM integration solutions in shortest possible time. Some of our solutions support live or hot or HTTP links to assets within DAM which can automatically update to latest versions of an asset in a DAM. We have built DAM integration solutions for some of the top DAM vendors across the world.

Our Expertise

  • DAM and CMS Integration
  • Database Publishing
  • Variable Data Publishing
  • Newspaper Pagination and Workflows
  • InDesign and InCopy Plug-ins and Scripts
  • InDesign Server Solutions:
    • Online Book Assembly and Publishing (With EMC Documentum)
    • Industrial Directory Automation (With Highly Complex Ad Space Management)
    • Catalog Automation
    • Marketing Collateral Builder (Web2Print Solution)