IP Based Solutions

Innovation is the centerpiece of Raykor’s culture. Our R&D team has built many innovative solutions to address specific technology/business problems. These innovations have added to our wealth of libraries and frameworks, while enriching our engineering competencies.

We actively leverage this knowledgebase when building solutions for our clients. As a result, our customers get the twin benefits of built-in high quality and shorter development times.


Vibzer is an IIoT solution for condition monitoring and preventive maintenance of rotating industrial machines. It helps to reduce unplanned downtime, minimize maintenance costs, improve efficiency, and extend asset life.

Development of Vibzer, which consists of a portable vibration analyzer, a mobile app and an AWS cloud app, involved end-to-end development of hardware and software. The cloud app is developed using Node.js, AngularJS, MongoDB and uses containerization using Docker for scalability. Use of Agile and DevOps practices ensures quality and speed of delivery.


Flow is a Business Process Automation platform which facilitates Rapid Application Development through process modelling and workflow automation.

Flo was used to develop and deliver following apps.

  • Stage Gate Application for new product development in chemical company.
  • Leave Management
  • Employee on-boarding
  • Software Asset Management
  • Fixed Asset Management


SendToProof is a SaaS solution for online proofing and editing of design rich documents. Through a transparent integration with InDesign server and a user-friendly interface, it enabled a reviewer to review and edit documents through a browser. This resulted in significant reduction in cycle-time and costs through elimination of the multiple rounds of review and corrections, required for proofing of design-rich documents.

SendToProof subscription-based model had PayPal integration for eCommerce transactions.


Eatum is a discovery and aggregator platform for homemade meal providers: typically called mess, dabbawala, tiffin services or dining halls in India. Eatum helps bachelors and working bachelors from other areas or cities, quickly find meal providers in the vicinity, along with their rating, pricing, meal options and menu of the day.

Eatum is an easy to use mobile app for iOS and Android platform with various features supported by secure backend and the database. Eatum mobile app is natively built for iOS and Android platform. Eatum backend is developed on MEAN (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and NodeJS) platform. Eatum is built on a very modular design and can be easily extended or leveraged to build similar applications in the shortest possible time.

To meet your same or similar requirements, we will be able to extend or reuse Eatum and Eatum platform to build your application within shortest possible time and at significantly lower cost.

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