Is your application architecture
elastic and resilient?

For business continuity and growth, ensuring applications availability and performance under varying load conditions is paramount.

We can help you modernize your monolithic n-tier application to be highly available and scalable.

Ensure business continuity with fail-safe design

A failure of any component of a traditional n-tier application usually results in application downtime which need operations teams to bring up the application.

Using cloud-native architecture, architects can design resilient (self-healing) systems which monitor non-performing assets and automatically take corrective actions.

Business continuity with failsafe design

Smart scale for high performance and cost effectiveness

Smart scale for high performance

A traditional multi-tier web architecture forces you to make a difficult choice between cost and performance– an expensive underutilized solution that ensures performance under peak load conditions versus a cost-optimized solution that accepts performance degradation at peak loads.

A cloud-native architecture offers containerization and orchestration techniques to auto scale relevant components under load conditions and scale down under normal conditions.

See how we can help you build elasticity and resilience into your applications

Uptime Achieved
Number of
Instances Auto Recovered in 6 Months
Less Time to Upgrade

Release updates without interruption

Traditional application architectures present challenges in rolling out application updates/upgrades.

DevOps practices of continuous integration speed up development of a stable product through automated testing. Automation of environments provisioning and the deployment pipeline eliminates manual effort and improves deployment reliability.

In an application build using cloud-native architecture, a properly configured orchestration tool can seamlessly deploy updates to microservices without any downtime.

Release updates without interruption