Outsourced Product Development

Raykor’s extensive product development experience has helped our customers build innovative, feature-rich and user-friendly products.

Our culture of innovation allows us to engage right from the ideation/design phase and our strong technical skills enable rapid prototyping.

We can also engage equally effectively for feature enhancement and maintenance of mature products.

New Product

Our passion for building innovative products/solutions allows us to engage right from the idea innovation phase. In this phase, stakeholders need rapid prototyping to test feasibility of their ideas and get feedback from sales, marketing and prospects.

Raykor can quickly align with your product vision, absorb the domain specific knowledge, understand the architecture expectations and then leverage new technologies, frameworks, in combination with mature technologies to build Proof of Concept solutions in a short time.

Our lean teams collaborate with the product management team, quickly digest the feedback and help you build the beta version in a shortest possible time and with minimum number of iterations.

Stable Product

Our teams can engage equally effectively for feature enhancement and technical debt management of your mature products. You need a team which can quickly understand and appreciate the beautiful product you have, convert your ideas on how it can be enriched further with user friendly features that provide a significant business value to your customers.

Whether you want to scale your product development team, transition the work from existing vendor or manage a recently acquired, Raykor has the capability to make the transition smooth. After quickly digesting the domain knowledge, functional and technical architecture, we typically start with support cases to deepen our product knowledge. In the next phase, then we start feature enhancement and new feature development work.

During the entire process, tools like JIRA, VSTS provide you complete visibility into the operations.

Technology Upgrade

In today’s economy, technology led business innovation is essential to gain competitive advantage. Raykor works with customers to upgrade their products and solutions to leverage the latest technology, platforms and frameworks.

Raykor’s Cloud Application Development and Modernization services have enabled customers to deliver flexibility, efficiency and business value to their customers.

Product Rescue

If you see significant risks or delays in your current product development work, Raykor can help salvage the situation.

On number of occasions, our customers approached us when they hit a roadblock in their product development and technology upgrades projects. Raykor is proud to share that we not only brought the development work on track but built long-lasting relationships with those customers.

Our technical competencies together with our proven delivery capability have protected customer investments and helped them unlock the value of their innovative business ideas and solutions.

Our Product Engineering Approach

Our passion for building innovative products/solutions, drive for continuous improvement and fascination for latest technologies have been instrumental in delivering high quality solutions to our customers.

With its culture of continuous learning, Raykor has been early adapter of latest methodologies and practices such as Agile and DevOps which help deliver higher quality software, faster. Customers gain visibility into the entire development process through ALM tools like VSTS, JIRA, GitHub.