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Since 2016, Raykor is helping ISV’s and software driven businesses build born-in-cloud solutions and modernize applications to cloud-native architecture for our global customers.

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What makes us different?


Best-of-breed tailored modernization roadmap ensures continuous value delivery with minimum business risk by conducting a wholistic assessment and using an incremental and iterative approach to app modernization.


The use of in-house software tools, libraries, and frameworks combined with mature DevOps practices speed up the modernization process and deliver predictable results at reduced costs.

Skills and Experience

You are supported by a team of professionals with skills and experience in developing born-in-the-cloud apps and in modernizing Java/.NET web applications to highly available, secure, and scalable cloud-native applications in a wide variety of industries.


Your success is ensured with faster innovation delivery to your customer through mature DevOps and agile practices and the culture of working with clients as one cohesive team.


You can benefit from many modernization cases where we ensure steady value delivery at low-cost, and with low-risk.

How we can help?

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Every application doesn’t need modernization or doesn’t need to go through the entire journey of modernization. We consult with our customers if modernization is solution to their challenges and what modernization steps are necessary to address those challenges.

Early preparation and engagement could help in many ways. Our extensive experience in traditional application development helps us start early engagement by participating in various activities such as support, testing and updates for feature/issues. Our better understanding of your business and technology challenges helps us develop more detailed modernization roadmap and early engagement better aligns teams.

Some of the challenges can be quickly addressed using cloud features or services which could be a baby step toward modernization journey. Our cloud expertise on AWS and Azure and extensive experience in traditional technologies (Java, .NET and PHP) can be leveraged to find quick and smart solutions to address specific challenges. Our very philosophy behind “Progressive Application Modernization” is to deliver value that matters to customer at every stage of the modernization which (stage) is independent and worthy of final stage.

A deep understanding of traditional n-tier architecture,  core technologies: Java, .NET, .NET Core and language(s): Java, C#, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, in addition to  expertise on cloud services and cloud-native architecture, is a must to build robust, risk-free and result assuring modernization roadmap. We are ongoing optimizing and supporting cloud-native solutions. Some of these solutions are built as born-in-cloud solutions and some are suite of applications modernized to cloud-native architecture. Our extensive experience that covers both the worlds benefits customers with less time spent on knowledge transfer and without creating exhaustive documentation. It helps us easily relate to your challenges, understand many whys and develop plan that starts delivering values early and at every stage of the modernization.

How we work together?

We offer flexible customer-Centric engagement models.

Dedicated Team with Elasticity

  • In this engagement model, we provide skilled resources that matches your needs and our culture of working as one cohesive team ensures that our resources seamlessly integrate with your team.
  • Our management actively engages with customer through quarterly performance reviews at senior level or management level.
  • Our engagements are regularly monitored by the management and value add is encouraged through knowledge sharing and trainings.
  • Our elasticity ensures smooth handling of workload spikes by scaling dev team and offering resources with specific skill sets (such as Architects, Designers etc.) on need basis.

Project based Team

  • This engagement model is well suited for strategic initiatives, PoCs, pilots or short duration work with clearly identified specifications, goals and/or objectives.
  • In this engagement model we typically engage skilled resources as needed to deliver the project with quality and time.
  • We follow our internal processes derived from agile and DevOps and project management practices unless customer needs us to follow their processes and practices.

About us

Raykor Technologies

Since 2007, Raykor has been the trusted software development partner for small and midsize technology and consulting companies across the globe.

Since 2016, independent software vendors and software driven businesses have realized cloud benefits through our low-cost and low-risk progressive modernization approach. Some of the benefits that our customers realized are: quicker rollout of new features, greatly lowered customer response time, scalable infrastructure and high availability of the solutions. We offer cloud adoption services for AWS and Azure that includes assessment, workload migration, cloud-native modernization and ongoing application optimization and support.

We offer flexible customer-Centric engagement models!