Microsoft Word

Structured Authoring and Document Automation

Microsoft Word is an industry standard content authoring tool and is very critical for intelligent content management practices to manage content at a granular level and manage within the authoring environment without compromising ease of use.

Market demands the right content to be presented at the right time and place, and to the right people. Word emerges as an answer to the challenge of creating, publishing and delivering content to diverse an array of media channels. We have helped some of the top global Pharma companies with structured content authoring solutions to facilitate error-free content re-use and document automation.

Content Reuse

In the world of content, content reuse has become extremely important; however it is easier said than done. The very first step to accomplish content reuse is to design content in a way that can be reused without impacting the natural process of content creation. The structured content management practices, semantically aware content and structured authoring play a major role in creating reusable content.

We offer niche services of building Word solutions for structured authoring, content reuse and document automation using Word customization technologies. Our team has worked on numerous projects to design Word templates for reuse and automation. We also customize Word to reuse contents from enterprise content management systems like SharePoint, Documentum & many more.

Document Automation

Regulatory and compliance industries need to create loads of documents for submission to authorities. These documents contain complex information and erroneous documents incur heavy fines. Creating such documents is very time consuming and error-prone and document automation is the only way to avoid errors and submit documents on time.

With our years of experience working with Pharma content and submission processes, we have built expertise that helps us build end to end document automation solutions. Since Word is an industry standard authoring application, such solutions revolve around Word and need deep expertise in Word.

Our Expertise

  • Word and SharePoint (Online) Integration
  • Word Add-Ins and Apps Development
  • Office.JS and VSTO(C# .Net) Development
  • Mac Word customization using Office.JS
  • Rule base document generation
  • Document Manipulation using Word Automation Service (SharePoint)
  • Document Generation and Manipulation using Open XML SDK
  • Text manipulation using Office.JS (Windows and Mac)